Erik’s “Em Khong Sai, Chung Ta Sai” Trends On Top Of YouTube Vietnam For More Than A Week

Popular V-pop singer Erik continues to reap new achievements for his successful comeback with “Em Khong Sai, Chung Ta Sai”.

On Thursday, Erik updated his Facebook followers on the achievements that his latest song “Em Khong Sai, Chung Ta Sai” (translated “You Are Not Wrong, We Are Wrong”) has attained so far.

At present, after slightly over a week, Erik’s music video for “Em Khong Sai, Chung Ta Sai” is still #1 Trending YouTube Vietnam. Moreover, it has reached more than 23 millions views at time of writing.

Besides, the song has also achieved top position on Zing Chart MV, as well as top 2 trending on google search.

Photo: FB Erik.

Watch Erik’s “Em Khong Sai, Chung Ta Sai” below:

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