Duc Phuc Is Super Adorable Pairing With Korean Mukbang Personality Yang Soo Bin For New MV

Not just feeling emotional when Duc Phuc left fans with sad songs, fans were even more surprised with the appearance of the famous YouTuber Yang Soo Bin in the MV “Can Love”.

After launching a mysterious teaser for a new music product called “Can Love” marking the return on this May 2019 V-pop May race, Duc Phuc made the fans stand still because of curiosity.

Not only “playing big” after shooting the music video in Korea, Duc Phuc’s “Can Love” music video was also surprising because of the appearance of Yang Soo Bin – a famous Korean YouTuber. W

ith a chubby appearance, natural acting with a knack for eating scenes, Yang Soo Bin joined Duc Phuc to create an extremely lovely “deviated chopsticks”.

The acting of Yang Soo Bin and Duc Phuc in the MV seems to recreate the characteristics of both in real life, creating the impression of a pair of pure “chickens”.

In contrast to the sad and dull songs that Phuc had usually shown, “Can Love” is a song with a gentle melody, and clearly shows the mark in simple and poetic lyrics. . Although the song does not have a chorus with a clear climax, there is still much space for Duc Phuc to show off the advantage of his inner vocal sound.

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