Dat G x Du Uyen’S Latest Music Video “Banh Mi Khong” Trends On Top Of YouTube Vietnam

This is the first song that Dat G and Du Uyen attained number one spot on Trending YouTube Vietnam.

On December 12, Dat G and Du Uyen officially released their latest music video titled “Banh Mi Khong”, a collaborative by the duo.

First highlight of this track is obviously from the title itself – “Banh Mi Khong”, as it can be literally translated as a bread with nothing inside.


In the music video, “Banh Mi Khong” is an objective that helps two hearts to connect closer to each other. Viewers can see a peaceful and old Saigon through various scenes, with many ancient houses, an old market, and many breads that are sold on the streets day and night.

“Banh Mi Khong” is a sad love story between a boy and girl. Both of them love each other, however, due to reasons, they could not have a happy ending.

The song has been impressing audiences with its well-written lyrics and the sweet vocals of Dat G and Du Uyen.

Enjoy a dose of “Banh Mi Khong” below:


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