Chi Pu Returns Like An Angel In Her Latest Music Video

Chi Pu just officially released her latest music video, titled “Ngay Mat Xanh Khong Phai Do Anh” .

As promised before, Chi Pu just released her latest music video “Ngay Mat Xanh Khong Phai Do Anh” (translated: “The Beautiful Day Is Not Because Of You”).

As seen, this music video was shot in Dalat city, which is known as the flower city of Vietnam. Audiences are able to catch a glimpse of the beautiful scenery in Dalat city of pine forest and lavender garden.


For comeback video, viewers are able to see Chi Pu in different styles; a simple Chi Pu when she is at home, a gorgeous Chi Pu as an angel when she goes for a walk in the pine forest and lavender garden, or a seriously cool personality when riding her motorbike through the pine forest. Unlike others, this song is not about love relationship, rather it signifies a fresh spirit, a happy girl who knows how to enjoy her life.

“The Beautiful Day Is Not Because Of You”? Watch on to find out:

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