Chi Pu’s “Cung Dan Vo Doi” Music Video Reaches #1 Trending YouTube Vietnam After One Day

Chi Pu’s recent return with “Cung Dan Vo Doi” is presently showing positive results. 

On Friday, the singer of “Cung Dan Vo Doi”, Chi Pu, shared that the music video of her latest song has topped Trending YouTube Vietnam after a day of release. Furthermore, it also reached #34 trending YouTube Korea and #20 in the world.

Photo: FB Chi Pu. 

“Cung Dan Vo Doi” brings a refreshing vibe to the Vietnamese music scene. The YouTube achievement is well-deserved to Chi Pu, who had worked hard to produce the music and its video to her fans. Furthermore, the appearance of Vietnamese model Ngoc Trinh is also an undeniable factor that is catching viewers’ eyes.

Enjoy Chi Pu’s latest music video below:


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