Bich Phuong Surprises With More Bikini Scenes In Trailer For “Tam Trang Tan Hoi Cham Mot Chut”

On May 15, Bich Phuong surprised her fans with more bikini scenes in a EP trailer for the coming song titled “Tam Trang Tan Hoi Cham Mot Chut”.

V-celeb Bich Phuong is getting ready to return this month with a new song as she joins the comeback race with many other well-liked Vietnamese singers such as Dong Nhi, Erik, Hoa Minzy, and others.

Photo: FB Bich Phuong.

After the success of “Di Du Dua Di” in 2019, Bich Phuong’s upcoming new music “Tam Trang Tan Hoi Cham Mot Chut” is anticipated to be the next big hit for her singer career.

Through the latest trailer, Bich Phuong also provided the EP information and release date to her fans.

Watch the teaser below:

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