Bich Phuong Achieves Five Million YouTube Views For “Di Du Dua Di” Comeback

This is probably the only time ever when Bich Phuong appears hot, very hot.

On August 28, 8pm VNT, Bich Phuong officially released her comeback music video “Di Du Dua Di” much to the delight of her fans.

In the music video, Bich Phuong excited fans with her provocative appearance, alluringly beautiful, making viewers just want to stick their eyes and enjoy every second of the music video.

The storyline in “Di Du Dua Di” is very much different from her other music videos before.

“Di Du Dua Di” talks about the old lady, at the present, dreams about her life as a young girl. At first, she looks like a countryside woman who falls in love with a handsome man in a party. Thanks to her friends, they help to transform her through styling and makeup, and she tries to get attention from the man.

The song is composed by Tiên Cookie – Phạm Thanh Hà. With the addictive melody, “Di Du Dua Di” has since been receiving sizeable attention from the public and already exceeded five million YouTube views just slightly after a day at time of writing.

Watch Bich Phuong’s “Di Du Dua Di” below:

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