Anh Tu Releases New Music Video To Encourage Lovelorn Girls To Be Stronger

Anh Tu’s latest music is an encouragement for lovelorn girls to be stronger even though their lovers leave them.

Anh Tu just revealed his music video, titled “Mạnh Mẽ Lên Cô Gái” (translated “Be Strong, Girl”), to gift to girls who have been unlucky in love.

With soft and gentle melody, the first impression by many people might be a sorrowful song. Instead, it’s quite the opposite. In fact, it is a song which emboldens girls who are depressed because of their lovelorn state.

Through the song lyrics, Anh Tu provides many reasons to remind such people to be stronger: “When the men didn’t love girls, girls love them so much which is useful”, “What do you have after the sadness?”, “the youth is being, stronger!”

He brings meaningful message to all girls who are unhappy because of love, “Self love is first love”, to raise their spirits to stay strong.

The three main female characters featured in this music video are three well-known celebrities; Le Nguyen, Hong Hanh and Hong Nhung. Different from previous music videos, Anh Tu is actually not the main character in his own music video this time.

Watch the video below:

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