Amee And ViruSs’ Latest Music Video Reaches Top Trending On YouTube

Amee and ViruSs just released their latest music video and they are getting all the attention right now.

Amee is a popular female singer after local hits “Anh Nha O Dau The?”, “Anh Danh Roi Nguoi Yeu Nay”, “Den Da Khong Duong” and others, while ViruSs is a famous streamer.

On October 13, Amee and ViruSs uploaded their new song, titled “Troi Giau Troi Mang Di” (translated “God Hides it, God Brings It”), onto YouTube.

The story of the music video is about a first-year female student in a college. On the first day she comes to the university, she falls in love with a handsome male student who helps her to carry her stuffs to the dormitory. After seeing each other several times in the college, they both start to like each other. However, the boy always invites the girl to hang out either early morning or at night, and does not want to let other students know that they are dating. One day, the girl accidentally discovers that the boy is dating with another girl.

Spoiler alert: The ending of the song surprises the viewers when the ultimate truth is revealed. The boy has actually dated with almost all the girls in the dormitory!

With the soft melody and the sweet voice of Amee and ViruSs, and the latter as the composer, the song is fast attracting attention from the public after just a few hours of release. In fact, it has reached the top 9 trending on YouTube Vietnam. It is also noted that there are many familiar faces taking part in this music video, namely Hoang Yen Chipi, Trang Hy, Sunny Ha Linh, Misthy, B Ray, and others.

Check out the music video below:

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