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The Songs That Helped To Propel These V-pop Singers To Success


From the time of writing until release, each song already has its own fate. If a song is tailored made by a singer, it will have to be sent to many people before finding its buyers. However, there are also songs that have exceptional value when it comes to success beyond expectations, creating a spectacular twist for their artists.

Anh đang ở đâu đấy anh – Huong Giang

On 11 November 2018, Huong Giang returned to V-pop after a year of absence with the music video Anh đang ở đâu đấy anh. The song is a deep ballad composition by young musician Andiez Nam Truong. After the release, this song quickly caught the attention and received many positive feedback from the audience by the compelling script, based on the story of a third person as a close friend.

After 24 hours of release, this MV has reached two million YouTube views and climbed to No. 1 Top Trending of YouTube in Vietnam. Sharing on social networks, Huong Giang said she was really in tears when she saw the achievements of the music video “Where are you?” During the six years as a singer, she never knew what a hit was until now.


Mượn rượu tỏ tình – BIGDADDY and Emily

After the public has shared a house, Emily and BIGDADDY couple quickly returned to the V-pop scene in February 2019 with the video “Mượn rượu tỏ tình. Not unexpected, the newly released song has spread widely on social networks and reached the Top 1 Trending YouTube, bombarding many music charts with solid rankings.


Bùa yêu – Bich Phuong

At 00:00am on 11 May 2018, Bich Phuong released Bùa yêu  music video and quickly achieved remarkable achievements such as the top of the most viewed videos in the world within 24 hours, also reached the Top Trending video in YouTube Vietnam. After only six months of release, the music video surpassed the milestone of 92.6 million views and became one of the music products with the best performance in 2018.

Not only bringing great success, Bùa yêu also marked a strong turning point in Bich Phuong’s singing career. In the pop genre with the catchy melody, this song impresses with interesting lyrics and the way of unique arrangements, which are consistent with the international music trend in the international music flow. This was considered the first major change in the musical style of Bich Phuong, after a long time of loyalty to the ballad genre.

Phía sau một cô gái – Soobin Hoang Son

In 2016, Soobin Hoang Son released the song Phía sau một cô gái. This was a musical product that marked a dramatic change in the male singer arena. Unexpectedly, right after its debut, Phía sau một cô gái helped Soobin to top all music charts, reaching 100 million views on YouTube.


Trái tim em cũng biết đau – Bao Anh

Bao Anh received public attention right from the variety show The Voice 2012. Her appearance and sweet vocal favorable for ballads helped her take good steps on the music path . However, there was a time when Bao Anh tried many other genres without much success. Only in 2016, when collaborating with musician Mr Siro and launching the song Trái tim em cũng biết đau, Bao Anh has since then made progress in her career.


Bad Boy – Dong Nhi

In October 2014, Dong Nhi released the “Bad Boy” music video and quickly brought great success to her then latest music. Topping many domestic charts was what Bad Boy did nearly five years ago. Even when it was just released, the MV was highly appreciated by the public. It was also the first MV of Vietnam to be put into the Top 5 Chinese Youku music charts.


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