While Most Girls May Be Depressed Over Weight Gain, Tang Thanh Ha Is More Than Glad To Gain 5kg

While every girl would probably try to achieve weight loss, Tang Thanh Ha happily shares that her weight has increased by 5kg.

Some people, despite going on various stringent diets, may not be able to lose weight easily. Yet there is another group of people who, despite eat a lot, they hardly gain weight.

Vietnamese actress Tang Thanh Ha belongs to the latter group of people. After successfully achieving a weight gain of 5kg, Tang Thanh Ha immediately shared the good news with her fans.

Photo: FB Tang Thanh Ha. 

Tang Thanh Ha is constantly in the list of Vietnamese artists who possesses the natural beauty that every girl is envious of. Even though after getting married and she doesn’t work as much as before, she still gets attention from the public.

With the new “weight breakthrough” on the scale, her followers have been complimenting about her present appearance as being more radiant than ever before.

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