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This Is The Special Drink That Helps V-pop Singer Bao Anh To Keep Her Body And Health In Good Shape

bao anh

If you examine the list of V-pop female singers, no doubt that you can self-discover not only they have that type of beautiful face but also nice body, Who would first come across your mind?

There can absolutely be no reason that Bao Anh would get overlooked. Here’s the drink that she is drinking practically every single day – which provides benefits than what one may have thought.

photos @baoanh0309

If you are following Bao Anh on Instagram, you might have already subconsciously gained many tips on how to have good health with a nice body.

This is a magic drink makes Bao Anh more beautiful and have a good health.

In contrary to others who would prefer hot and trendy type of drinks, Bao Anh takes a different route.

Recently, she updated on SNS with an image of the drink that she has before every breakfast; which is a mixture of curcumin powder, honey, and some water.

In fact, Bao Anh chooses this drink because of its own beneficial reasons.

Curcumin powder contains curcumin so it is a known fact for its positive health effects, helping to eliminate toxins in the body effectively. Honey is a disinfectant, which helps reduce inflammation of the body, and shortens the time to recover from wound. When combined these two ingredients together, it becomes an ideal drink formula with a lot of health benefits. Moreover, some also claim that it helps people to lose weight effectively.

So this is Bao Anh’s personal tip to enjoy good health that is accompanied with a much desired body, Hopefully, our readers can learn a tip or more from her.

Besides, Bao Anh also does exercise regularly.


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