Pham Huong Braves The Cold In Skimpy Bikini In Snowy California

On Monday, Pham Huong updated her daily life photos where California has snowed.

Pham Huong is known to be one of the most beautiful ladies in Vietnam. Even though now she has halted her artist career in Vietnam and lives in the United States with her husband and son, still her longtime followers continue to stay loyal, always wanting to stay updated with what she shares on the social media.

Pham Huong is having a blessed life with her husband and lovely son in America.

On March 16, Pham Huong took up the challenge of the trend “wearing bikini in the sub-zero weather” just like what Kendall Jenner did.

Particularly, Pham Huong’s slim body shape surprised her followers despite the fact that she had childbirth before. Others also commented how she is brave enough, flaunting in bikini in such a cold weather.

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