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Learn How To Achieve Flawless Skin Like Nguyen Dang Khanh Linh Through Her Skincare Routine

Nguyen Dang Khanh Linh is one of the most prominent Vietnamese fashionistas who is known to possess flawless skin. Let’s check out her daily skincare routine to know more!

Nguyen Dang Khanh Linh has shared due to her job nature, she has to do makeup regularly. Therefore, she has to take special care of her skin in order to prevent break-outs.

Read on as she shared the steps of her basic daily routine.

Note: Nguyen Dang Khanh Linh has different skin types but is inclined to dry skin.

Photo via FB Linh Dang Khanh Nguyen.

Step 1: Removal of makeup

Before starting, Khanh Linh recommends that we should wash our hands thoroughly as to not incidentally spread bacteria onto our face.

Khanh Linh uses 2 kinds of makeup removers for eyes, lip and face skin. As shared, she uses different kinds of make-up remover to clean each part of the face more careful. Remember to choose the suitable remover for each kind of skin.

Khanh Linh uses ring and pinky fingers to massage her face for about 2 minutes and then add a few drops of water to massage for a few more seconds. Next, she washes her face with water.

Makeup remover for eyes and lips: Dior Duo Express Instant Eye Makeup Remover.

Makeup remover for face skin: Shu Uemura Ultime8 sublime beauty cleaning oil – brown color.

Step 2: Wash face with cleaning machine

Khanh Linh uses Foreo Luna 3 to support her to wash her face cleaner with washing foam, Dr Dennis Gross.

When we use washing machine, it helps us clean our face deeply and save time too.

Step 3: Apply toner

To give more moisture and to make the skin brighter and cleaner, we can never afford to skip this step; that is to apply toner on the face skin.

She uses AHC Peony bright clearing toner.

Step 4: Using face mask

Before using mask, she puts the mask inside the fridge for a few minutes to make it cooler than the room temperature. As shared, it has a big effect compared to using mask from not using mask before applying any type of cream. Therefore, Khanh Linh feels that this step gives more vitamins to her skin and she feels more relaxed as well.

She added to let it on the face for about 15 minutes

Recommended product: AHC premium Hydra Smoother Cellulose masks.

Step 5: Apply Moisture cream on skin face and sleeping mask for lip

Khanh Linh gives a tip on this step; to keep cream on the face longer and more effective, she usually applies some mist on her face first.

To keep our lip always soft, sleeping lip mask is a must.

Recommended product:

Mist: Shu uemura skin perfector mist

Moisture cream: Lancome Absolue Creme Fondante Soft Cream

Sleeping lip mask: Laneige sleeping mask.

Hopefully, Khanh Linh’s advices have helped you with these useful tips for your own daily skincare routine!

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