Ngoc Trinh Shows You How To Enjoy Life In A Bathtub Full Of Soapy Bubbles

Back in her luxurious villa, Ngoc Trinh shows just reveals her daily moments in her luxury villa.

On March 26, Ngoc Trinh surprised her followers when she uploaded cute photos of her in the bathroom.

Despite having a successful career, the model continues to be true to her character, particularly on her sense of humor, which never fails to amuse people.


If you have been a longtime fan of Ngoc Trinh, you would probably be well aware that she has a habit of bathing every morning.

On Thursday, Ngoc Trinh proved this point once again by uploading photos of herself in a modern looking bathtub, sitting in it with full of soapy bubbles, just like a little girl playing while bathing.

Despite turning 31 this year, who says she can’t have such fun?

Photo: FB Ngoc Trinh.
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