Ngoc Trinh Reveals Her Own Newly-built Villa, And It Even Comes With An Elevator!

Ngoc Trinh revealed her own newly-built villa which was recently completed.

Ngoc Trinh is locally known as a top Vietnamese model and actress, and online, as an engaging YouTuber. After many years of hard work, besides living a luxurious life of branded goods, she had also just finished the construction of her own luxurious villa, which stands at over 800 meters square.

Photo: FB Ngoc Trinh. 

Through her latest video episode on YouTube, Ngoc Trinh’s villa consists of three floors, full of daily conveniences of a modern villa; with a swimming pool, a private garden, spacious rooms, a fully equipped gym room, and there is even an elevator!

After becoming a YouTuber, Ngoc Trinh has been able to enlarge her following thanks to her honesty, friendliness, and a good sense of humor.

Check out Ngoc Trinh’s villa below:

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