Ngoc Trinh Is Chill In Black, Promising “Many New Things” To Come

Ngoc Trinh’s latest photo update shows how chill she can be.

Ngoc Trinh just updated her followers on Facebook page with her irresistible feminine moments on the street. Moreover, she also arouse curiosity when she also revealed that she will be having “many new things” soon.

Particularly, the celeb wrote on her personal page:  “Tuần mới vui vẻ cả nhà yêu ❤ sắp tới có nhiều điều mới thích tóa 😊😜🤩” (translated “Have a nice weekend to everyone, there are many new things in the upcoming time”).

In the pictures, Ngoc Trinh has gone all black, wearing a long jacket with a short skirt. Her main beauty highlight continues to be her flawless skin complexion, with a cheerful smile to melt viewers’ hearts. She adds the feel of chill with a stylish sunglasses.

Photo: FB Ngoc Trinh.
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