Lan Ngoc Goes To Singapore To Treat Stomach Ulcer; Health Is More Important Than Money

At present, the actress’s health is stable after long time of taking medicine, intaking more milk products to replenish the body while maintaining a weight of 45kg.

Lan Ngoc was the recent guest of the program ” Happy Restaurant “. Talking to two MC Dai Nghia and Hari Won, Lan Ngoc said that in 2018, she had a lot of opportunities in her career, so she worked hard almost without a single day off.

During the time of filming “Sneak Peak” , the actress minimized eating, did exercise with high intensity to achieve the ideal appearance for the role.

Maintaining the weight loss regime had then made her suffer from serious stomach ulcers that caused her unable to eat or drink properly. At that time, her doctor asked her to go to the hospital to stop bleeding sores and for further checking of her health for fears of serious complications.

Lan Ngoc’s representative further revealed that more than a month ago, the actress had to visit Singapore to cure her sickness. Besides taking medicine, the doctor told Lan Ngoc to pay attention to the nutrition regime, and to reinforce the body.

Lan Ngoc is advised to drink milk and eat more to gain weight even if she doesn’t have any appetite.

At time of writing, Lan Ngoc’s health has now regained back and is stable, maintaining a healthy weight of 45kg for her body mass.

Spending a lot of money for treatment, Lan Ngoc realized that health is the most precious thing ever. Now, she spends more time taking care of herself instead of trying to earn money like before.

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