Ho Quang Hieu Jokingly Asks “Ex-girlfriend” Bao Anh Go Back To Sell Chicken Porridge; Have They Already Patched Things Up?

bao anh

On June 21, there was a local event in which many prominent Vietnamese beauties appeared in one accord, wearing nice clothing on the red carpet. Thereafter, they posted nice photos on social network as if they just took part in Vietnam fashion week.

Within this list, there can be no reason to miss out popular local singer Bao Anh. She wore a glistening fashion suit, albeit conservative, giving her that stylish look of a model.

In the post, singer Ho Quang Hieu jokingly commented: “Are you finished? Get back to sell chicken porridge, Bao Anh!” It’s a known fact that Bao Anh’s mother operates a chicken porridge store.

Even though Ho Quang Hieu and Bao Anh didn’t confirm if they have already patched up from their previous broken relationship their constant interactions on social network are garnering much attention as fans are looking forward to seeing them getting back together again.

There were also speculations if both had traveled together with the photos that seem to hint they were together.

In the above photo, although Bao Anh used the smiley sticker to hide the mysterious man’s face, netizens are speculating that the white t-shirt man is Ho Quang Hieu.

Fans are rooting for both and are hoping that both idols can have an eventual happy ending.

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