H’Hen Nie Renovates Her Parents’ House And It Looks Like A Luxury Villa

H’Hen Nie eagerly shared photos of the house that she had renovated for her parents.

With her humble background, celebrity H’Hen Nie is known as a filial daughter to her beloved parents.

On Monday, H’Hen Nie revealed a surprisingly different look of her family’s house; instead of the wooden house that the viewers often see in her YouTube videos.

Photo: FB H’Hen Nie.

The modern-looking house that H’Hen Nie shared with her followers is actually another house belonging to her family and she recently had it renovated.

H’Hen Nie and her parents.

H’Hen Nie shared that her parents had to work very hard in order to have this old house and she had a lot of happy memories with it. Hence, instead of rebuilding, she renovated it to maintain the house that she is familiar with.

H’Hen Nie’s parents’ house looks spacious, now with an added touch of luxuriously modern feel to it.

View more photos of H’Hen Nie’s parents’ house:

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