H’Hen Nie Humbly Cooks For Her Family In Their Old Rustic Wooden House

H’Hen Nie demonstrates the genuine warmth that one can only find in the family.

Miss Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Nie has constantly been in the public eye thanks to her simplistic lifestyle and humble personality that is rare to see in a popular public figure.

With the recent surge of COVID-19 cases in Vietnam, H’Hen Nie took the opportunity to return back to her hometown, where she is spending her free time together with her family, including creating more videos to keep her followers update on what she is doing.

Behind the glittering stages and spotlight, H’Hen Nie always goes back to humility, as simple as she could, wearing clothing with no brand like a normal village girl and no make-up whatsoever.

In a recent video, H’Hen Nie appears in her own carefree manner to harvest vegetables, and even taught people how to prepare Vietnamese food in her hometown style.

After uploading the video, it immediately garnered a lot of good comments from her Vietnamese fans and foreigners fans on how yummy her home-cooked dishes are.

Photo: FB H’Hen Nie.

Check out how H’Hen Nie prepares a meal for her family below:

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