H’Hen Nie Charms The World In Vietnamese Traditional Costume, Ao Dai

On Thursday, H’Hen Nie updated her latest photo shoot on her Facebook page.

Ao Dai is known as the Vietnamese traditional costume, which has been gaining attention from other countries because of its cultural heritage and style. As a national costume, Vietnamese women take great pride on it and normally wear it for special events like the Lunar New Year, church mass, pagoda visit, and wedding photo shoots. Moreover, it is also frequently worn as occasion uniform for female students at high schools in Vietnam.

On March 12, H’Hen Nie released her newest photo shoot in pure white Ao Dai. In these photos, she looks as if like a typical Vietnamese girl yet distinctive from any other girl from other countries in the world.

She donned the white Ao Dai, and complimented the traditional theme with a Non La (Vietnamese conical hat) and a bunch of lotuses, Vietnam’s national flower.

Even though Ao Dai is a conservative costume, it still manages to showcase the s-shaped body of Miss Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Nie explicitly.

Check out more photos of H’Hen Nie below:

Photo: FB H’Hen Nie.


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