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Follow Yoona With These Two Beauty Tips For Healthy Skin

Yoona just revealed two tips for skincare which could prove useful for all women.

Yoona is one of the most popular Korean artists, with a large number of fans in Vietnam. She has constantly been receiving a lot of positive comments for her angelic appearance.

Especially, her beautiful skin is always a topic that the public commonly mentions.

Since Yoona tends to raise interest of her bare face with no make-up, what could be her secret behind it?

Using Clay Mask Regularly

Clay mask is a great option for detoxing skin. This product helps to remove excess oil, debris, clogging pores and overtime, your skin will be stronger and brighter, improving acne problem effectively. However, do take note that you should use clay mask each time for only 10-15 minutes with one or two times per week.

Apply Lotion Mask

This is especially good for skin and easy to apply for women. Moreover, it brings forth the relaxing feeling and is totally an effective method. The way to apply the lotion to skin is not hard. Prepare two or three cotton pads, soak them in lotion or toner, and apply on the face like how Yoona does, focusing on the cheeks, chin, and other skin areas such as forehead.

It is a good way to replenish moisture and creates favorable conditions for the nutrients from toner or lotion to be absorbed better. Remember that it should not be applied for more than 3 minutes though.

Source: Tri Thuc Tre.

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