Singer Duc Phuc Shows How Easy To Cook Stewed Soy Sauce Eggs That You Will Be Surprised

Chef Duc Phuc shows how cooking can be easy with “Stewed soy sauce eggs”.

Photo: FB Duc Duc.

While popular Vietnamese singer Duc Phuc is having much free time at home due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, he is definitely not idling around.

On April 7, the singer astonished fans with his cooking skill by uploading a video onto his Facebook page.

It looks totally yummy.  

If you are the type of person who used to think that cooking is a difficult task, you may probably change your mind after watching Duc Phuc’s cooking video.

In the video, the celebrity went through and provided the steps as easy as possible for everyone who want to cook the delicious popular dish – “Stewed soy sauce eggs”.

Particularly, the manner that he decorated the dish is absolutely like a top-notch Chef in five-star restaurant!

Check the video below:

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