Chau Bui Overcomes 14-Day Quarantine Amidst COVID-19 Crisis With Positivism And Optimism

After 14 days of isolation due to last trip in Italy, Chau Bui is all clean now of COVID-19 and returns back to her normal life. 

For followers of Chau Bui Facebook page, one would know how unique this person is, for she is not only loved by her fashion style but also by her positivism on life.

Last week, Chau Bui shared her 14-day quarantine from the world after she returned to Vietnam from Italy. She also helped people to understand that the government-enforced isolation is nothing to be scared of, and not as boring as everyone tends to view about.

14-beautiful-isolated days through Chau Bui’s new insights.

Day after day, without fail, Chau Bui would update every moment onto her Facebook page in order to share with her followers.

For each story she tells, it is not the usual stories about fashion and health, but also an important message to spread at this time of global health crisis – stay positive, enjoy the life, love people that you meet, and love where you stay.

The little happy thing is just simple as sitting under the sun and enjoy the favorite songs.

More pictures of angelic Chau Bui can be found below:

Photo: FB Chau Bui.

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