Bich Phuong Has Long Bouffant-like Hair Again And That Really Makes Everyone Sleepless

bich phuong

Even though Bich Phuong has had so many different styles of hair or makeup before, this is really the only one that helps Bich Phuong to stand out the most.

Although owning pretty face, but actually, the beauty of Bich Phuong was not really striking among a lot of Vietnamese entertainers. Until in May 2018, when one of Bich Phuong’s photos showcasing her long hair emerged. That could probably be well considered to be the time when she reached the peak of her true outer beauty.

In May 2018, Bich Phuong, surprisingly for once, received heaps of compliments from the public.

After a long period of having long hair, Bich Phuong suddenly cut her hair short. In fact, this hairstyle still fit her, but unfortunately, it was still not nice enough to leave a good impression compared to long hairstyle.

She looked nice but did not really impress.

Recently, Bich Phuong posted some photos of herself out of the blue and captioned: “good night!!!”, which left netizens sleepless.

With this hairstyle, she looks more alluringly attractive.

And the latest batch of Bich Phuong’s photos unveils:

With her sunshine smile, many’s hearts are melting (but not because of the summer heat).

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