After Divorce, Huyen Lazzie Does Not Bow Down To Hardship But Strives Forth With Everlasting Beauty

From a hot mom to a single mother, after her divorce, Huyen Lizzie still makes the public admire her beauty and fashion style.

She appears to look more beautiful after her divorce.


After giving birth, Huyen Lizzie still maintains her good body shape with perfect curve.

When Huyen Lizzie officially acknowledged the divorce, everyone was shocked undoubtedly because she used to be one of the Vbiz beauties who have led the happiest life that any woman would long for.

Divorced after four years of living with her ex-husband, she changed from a hot mom who used to have an envious life, to becoming a single mom with her four-year-old baby named Nem.

In events, she appears like a princess.

Or  luxurious, precious as a party night queen.

Similar to singer Pham Quynh Anh or actor Thu Quynh, broken marriage could not make Huyen Lizzie collapse either.

At the age of 30, when faced the harsh difficulties in life, Huyen Lizzie still regularly participates in showbiz and continues to be hardworking with her daily hectic routine while taking care of her little baby. Furthermore, netizens could not help compliment that Huyen Lizzie appears to be more beautiful than ever before.

Her street style looks active, aligned to young Vietnamese youths.

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