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Achieve Beautiful Skin If You Deeply Clean Your Pores + 4 Steps To Help You Achieve That “Magical” Beauty

No matter how expensive skincare products are and how hardworking you are to care for your skin without a perfect cleaning routine, it’s hard to own that beautiful skin.

1. No makeup also has to remove makeup.

There are many women who still think that if you don’t makeup, why do you have to remove makeup?. However, this is completely wrong.

Without makeup, many would probably still use sunscreen at the least to prevent harmful UV radiation, especially in tropical cities like Saigon. Our normal skin reacts to exude oil as a natural cell function, and with only the cleanser, it will not clean this harmful element. You need to use water/oil/wax to remove as if you have the makeup on – to remove the oil residue and protect your skin from the risk of clogging pores resulting eventual acne attack.

Just to be reminded, when you use makeup remover, you should massage your face 1-2 minutes so that oil, sun cream or dirt can be effectively removed.

2. Wash your face in 2 minutes.

After cleansing, your skin is still not completely clean and this is the reason you need the cleanser.

In this step, you will clean your face better for about two minutes. Overall, you massage your face with cleaner in one minute and wash your face with water for one minute.

3. Use extra toner

To make sure your skin reaches purity, you should use toner right after cleansing; and a cotton swab soaked with toner will wipe away the remaining stubborn impurities. Your skin will becomes ready for the next step.

4. Don’t forget to exfoliate at a reasonable frequency

Dead cell not only makes skin look dull and less smooth, but also clogs pores and prevents nutrients penetrating from skincare products. The ideal solution to this problem is to have regular exfoliation. However, you need to do reasonably, with a frequency of 2-3 times per week to avoid irritation and skin damage. Besides, chemical exfoliation is more favorable because of the ability to remove old cells, tarnish well, but gentle enough for the skin.

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