YouTuber ViruSs Reacts To K-pop Artist TWICE’s Latest Music Video “More & More”

ViruSs uploaded his latest reaction video on K-pop girl group TWICE’s “More & More”.

On June 1, famous K-pop girl group Twice released the music video “More & More” and received tremendous attention from their fandom including Vietnamese fans. The song became a hit that everyone has listened to, including well-known Vietnamese YouTuber ViruSs.

Photo: FB ViruSs.

On June 4, ViruSs released his latest reaction K-pop video on his YouTube channel for TWICE’s “More & More”.

ViruSs particularly commented positively on the appearance of TWICE. He even went on to compare the members to princesses. After watching “More & More” halfway, ViruSs could not help but to watch the music video again because of its addictive melody as well as the alluring appearance of the girls.

Watch TWICE’s “More & More” yourself to find out why many people love this song:


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