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You Will Not Trust What You See In Social Media After You See This

The lesser you believe something that is beautiful on the internet, the lesser you lose hope when you see the reality.

Many of us have a habit that we will search the internet for images and postings to see how beautiful things are, especially for what we should prepare for a trip.

Trusting the previous review is not wrong, though by now (if you haven’t) that you should realize that not everything you see is true.

Have you ever heard of the (literal) saying that “art is the moon deception”? That’s right. The “online” and “real life” comparison below will reveal you the real “trick”.

Compared to the beautiful picture on Instagram, this blue lagoon hot stream is actually not photogenic and full of people.


The villages at the coast of Cinque Terre, Italy is popular for travel enthusiasts because of its bright colors and subtle beauty – with the surrounding coastline, hillside and colorful cliffs.  However, if you do not check carefully before coming here, your mood will be probably get gloomy and murky after seeing the reality.

The Great Wall in China is magnificently beautiful according to images found on the internet. However, once you physically enter this “thorny” path, trust us; it will be hard to get out for this place is always crowded with tourists at any season throughout the year.

Danang’s Golden Bridge went viral last year after it was opened to the public. And the real situation nowadays is definitely unrealistic to all those promotional photos of the tour agencies.

The Gates of Heaven in Bali are surely not as magical as you think.

There are still so many more places that they aren’t what they are in the internet. Be forewarned that before you decide to go to a place based on the photos that you’ve seen in the internet, get as much reviews as possible from others who might have gone there before. You might just save yourself time, money and life.

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