“Troi Giau Troi Mang Di” Reaches Top One Trending YouTube Vietnam After Two Days

After two days of music video upload, Amee and ViruSs’ latest music video titled “Troi Giau Troi Mang Di” successfully reached top one trending YouTube Vietnam.

As reported, the music video “Troi Giau Troi Mang Di” (translated “God Hides It, God Brings It”) was published on October 13. It becomes a good news for Amee and ViruSs and their fans to attain the highest trending rank on YouTube since October 16.

The music video “Troi Giau Troi Mang Di” reached #1trending youtube Vietnam with over 4 millions views.

Besides the soft melody and lovely lyrics, “Troi Giau Troi Mang Di” is also supported by many popular familiar faces in the music video.

“Troi Giau Troi Mang Di” has since been receiving sizeable attention from the public and already exceeded over five million YouTube views.

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