Tran Thanh Has The Most Number Of Facebook Fans In Vietnam, Way Ahead Of V-pop Idol Son Tung M-TP & Others!

tran thanh

Surprisingly but not so surprise, Tran Thanh’s Facebook fan page presently stands right at the top with the most number of followers in Vietnam.

Famous Vietnamese celebrity Tran Thanh has been working hard and earning support from the public with his multi-talents; as a quick-witted MC, a veteran actor, a seasoned singer and an exceptional fun comedian.

To add to his accolades, with the most recent highly success of V-film “Dad, I’m Sorry”, he is becoming a household name in Vietnam, while gaining recognition across borders into other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

According to Facebook Page Stats in Vietnam, MC Tran Thanh has won the favor of a whooping number of 17,843,365 fans at time of screenshot by himself on his Facebook page. After him, the other Facebook pages in Vietnam with notable number of followers are as follows; Yan News, Blog Tam Su, M-TP, Vo Hoai Linh, Tran Khoi My, Hari Won, Yan TV, Thuy Tien, and Pho.

Photo via Facebook MC Tran Thanh.
Photo via Facebook Hari Won.
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