Tran Thanh Reveals His Astonishing Collection Of “Handsome” Men Photos

Tran Thanh joined in the gender change trend with his celebrity friends.

Just a day ago, Tran Thanh hilariously teased his followers by “changing” his gender and his male friends to photos of “beautiful girls”.

On June 20, Tran Thanh once again excited fans as he uploaded several photos of handsome men onto his personal Facebook page. On the second glance, the netizens could realize these photos are actually Vietnamese female celebrities who have been “digitally transformed” by the mobile application called FaceApp.

If Tran Thanh did not add the names in the photos, it could be probably hard to guess who they are, right?

The album of Tran Thanh’s favorite “good-looking” men includes his wife Hari Won, Minh Hang, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Ho Ngoc Ha, Toc Tien, Dong Nhi, Chi Pu, Bao Anh, and others.

Enjoy more photos of “these new princes” in V-biz below:


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