Thieu Bao Tram Tags This Top K-pop Idol On Instagram Out Of The Blue And Everybody Is Guessing Why


On February 2, the Vietnamese singer Thieu Bao Tram tagged someone really famous from the K-pop world on her Instagram story.

Photo via Instagram: thieubaotram.

After the latest round of speculations of a relationship between Son Tung M-TP and Thieu Bao Tram, the latter has been in the limelight of Vietnamese netizens these days.

Most recently, Thieu Bao Tram uploaded a new image about daisies, tagging BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s Instagram account, roses_are_rosie, along in her Instagram story.

As this is the only account that Thieu Bao Tram tagged and the person is really someone that is well-known from the K-pop industry, Vietnamese netizens could not help but get curious about the potential relationship between them.

Do Thieu Bao Tram and BLACKPINK’s Rosé really know each other? Are they actually BFFs?

Or Thieu Bao Tram is actually a big fan of the K-pop idol? Or even, did Thieu Bao Tram accidentally tag the wrong person?

What is your guess?

Photo via Instagram roses_are_rosie.
Photo via Instagram thieubaotram.
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