From Taylor Swift To Annabelle, Vietnamese Cosplayer Tran Lap Shows You How To Enjoy This Performance Art

With simple stuff that can be found easily at home, this talented man is able to transform himself into stars.

Almost all cosplayers will usually wear a lot of accessories with skillful makeup to cosplay a certain character. Different from others, this Vietnamese guy interestingly just raises the bar of cosplaying in a cheeky and fun way!

Tran Lap is very creative (and determined) to achieve the same hairstyle as Taylor Swift.

Recently, a Facebook user by the name of Tran Lap uploaded some pictures of celebrated characters in Vietnam and oversea with different styles that cracked netizens up.

These photos went on to attract much attention and have since gone viral with numerous social likes and shares.

Can you recognize that Chi Pu is sad?
Or turns into a naive Chi Pu.

It is reported that cosplayer Ta Tran Lap, born in 1987, is currently having a fashion business in Saigon.

This is a sexy mermaid!

The public was impressed by the methods on how he cosplayed into different characters, in a simple, attractive, and recognizable way.

A Vietnamese Annabelle version.

He spends almost all of his time for work. Sometimes, when he is free, he will cosplay to someone that he likes. As seen in the photos, he can diversify cosplaying at different levels.


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