Sun HT Invites Her Mother To Dance Along Vietnam’s Very Own Viral Song “Ghen Co Vy”

Sun HT is the next artist to join in the trend “Ghen Co Vy Chellenge” – to dance to the popular local song “Ghen Co Vy” by V-pop singers Min and Erik.

“Ghen Co Vy” is a song written by famous composer Khac Hung, and sung by two well-known Vietnamese artists Min and Erik. It has since been gaining its well-deserved fame in and out of Vietnam because of its meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies.

Importantly, the goal of the song is to communicate the message on how to protect yourself from the current coronavirus outbreak and also to boost public morale amidst the uncertainties ahead.

Photo: FB Minh Doan.

Sun HT and her mother are discovered to be big fans of the song through a dancing cover which Sun HT shared on her Facebook page.

On March 17, Sun HT surprised her fans after she revealed a lovely dance cover clip of “Ghen Co Vy” dancing with her mom. Mother and daughter also wore “Mickey Mouse” couple t-shirts and glasses, just like a professional dance team with various cute emotions.

Let’s check out the adorable cover dance of “Ghen Co Vy” from Sun HT and her mom below:

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