Son Tung MTP Sets New Record In V-pop History; “Give It To Me” Trends Number 1 On YouTube Korea

Son Tung MTP surprised the world with his latest comeback MV “Give It To Me” as  it achieved the top spot on YouTube Korea.

Released on July 1, “Give It To Me” has continued to prove itself to be a formidable driver of Vietnamese music when it not only broke all records in the domestic market, but also reached out successfully to many countries with well-developed music industry like the US and South Korea.

The recent single release of Son Tung MTP has set an unprecedented record in Vietnamese music history right in South Korea.

Specifically, after more than 24 hours of the music video upload, the MV “Give It To Me” had successfully hit the top 1 trending video on YouTube Korea. This is the first time that a Vietnamese artist can achieve such an astonishing feat in the country that is popularly known worldwide for K-pop.

Beside being the top in Korea, Son Tung MTP also reached the top of the lists of 9 other countries. After 24 hours, the music video reached no.1 in Vietnam, top 2 trending in Australia, top 3 trending in Canada, top 4 trending in Taiwan, top 8 trending in the US, top 9 trending in Germany and Singapore, top 19 trending in the UK, and finally ranked 49th in the Czech Republic (according to reports on July 2).

Son Tung MTP sets a new record for Vietnamese Music industry.
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