On Birthday, Son Tung MTP Celebrates With His “Painful Hands” Dance Move In MV “Give It To Me”

This is a meaningful gift that Son Tung MTP gave to Skys on his 25th birthday.

5 July 2019 marks Son Tung MTP’s 25th birthday.

In order to celebrate this special day and also to celebrate the success that his latest MV “Give It To Me” has been earning after a few days of release, the singer recorded a clip with the aim to showcase one of the dance moves, notably known as the  “painful hands” in the MV.

This is also part of the dance choreography that has made a lot of impressions on the audiences when watching the MV.

The 55-second video clip immediately attracted massive attention from his followers. Especially, Son Tung MTP also posted a challenge for the audiences to perform this dance to spread it around the world.

“A beautiful day, a peaceful day, a happy day with countless meaningful wishes from family and friends, especially from my fans. Thank you very much. Well, do something fun. Be happy on this wonderful day. Anyone can remember the ‘painful hands’ dance move in ‘Give It to You’ MV. This is the challenge from me to you. Let’s spread it out”, Son Tung MTP wrote.

Watch Son Tung MTP’s “painful hands” below and spread it as per his birthday wish. So are you ready to get painful?



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