After 24 Hours, Son Tung MTP Ranks At 2nd Place For Highest Number Of YouTube Views For Asian Solo Artists After PSY

With the latest achievement of “Give It To Me”, Son Tung MTP has taken the sacred throne of himself surpassing the 2nd place in the list of Asian artists with the highest number of YouTube views within 24 hours.

Son Tung and Skys are definitely curious to wait for the final “result” from YouTube.

At 8pm on July 2, 24 hours since “Give It To Me” MV was released, the current number of video views, at that time, tallied at 23,272,686, breaking his own previous record (of “Run Now” of 17.6 million views). It successively became the V-pop MV with the highest number of views in the first 24 hours.

With this impressive achievement, Son Tung MTP also became the 2nd top solo artist in Asia, with such astonishing number of video views after the first 24 hours.

K-pop star PSY currently holds the top record for Asian solo artists with the highest number of 24-hour views when his “Gentleman” MV (2013) hit 36 million views.


Son Tung MTP’s latest MV also surpassed the number of views after one day of famous US and UK artists like Taylor Swift with “You Need To Calm Down” (about 20 million views) and Katy Perry with “Never Really Over “(about 15 million).

This is indeed one of the best achievements ever attained by the Thai Binh originated singer and for V-pop in general.

Meanwhile, the final view count will be solidified officially by YouTube later as it normally takes 12 hours to one day before finalizing the result.

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