Son Tung M-TP Goes All White On A Yacht Trip

On Sunday, Son Tung M-TP revealed what he has been up to on his Facebook page.

On the first day of March, Son Tung M-TP shared his daily moments through photos which were taken nearby a harbor at an unknown location. There was no caption for this social media post, except with icons of camera, wine glass, and kissing lips, which gave off hints that he might be taking a well-deserved vacation right now.

Furthermore, the location of the harbor was assumed to be in Thailand, given the foreign language seen on one of the yachts.

Son Tung M-TP went on all white with a white singlet and long pants in the pictures, modelling for several poses as if he was taking a photo shoot.

Even though Son Tung M-TP is normally busy with his hectic schedules, he sure still knows how to balance his life between work, family, friends and for himself.

Check out more photos of Son Tung M-TP below:

Photo: FB M-TP.

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