Son Tung M-TP Finally Breaks Silence On Facebook After More Than Two Months, His Fans Are Getting Worried

son tung m-tp

Son Tung M-TP updated his status on Facebook, breaking more than two months of silence since his last post.

In the evening of May 28, well-loved V-pop singer Son Tung M-TP updated a new image of himself on his Facebook page finally, with his last post dated March 24.

Photo: FB M-TP.

The said photo was taken from his back, as if he was gazing far away from the glass window with thoughtful mind, with the caption:: “Có những quyết định nếu là một nghệ sĩ tôi sẽ không bao giờ lựa chọn …. !” (translated “There are some decisions if I am an artist, i will never choose….!”)

Son Tung M-TP’s fans immediately reacted to his post with comments on his longtime absence on the social media, and expressing concern over his emotional photo and caption.

Let’s hope Son Tung M-TP is doing fine and that he will be back with more of his music and activities soon!



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