#PillowChallenge Is The Current “IN” Thing To Do During Social Distancing Days In Vietnam

Being social distancing also means as free as the distance sounds. Girls, with their “venus” imaginative mind, began to keep themselves occupied with innovative things to do.

With that, #PillowChallenge was created.

Photo: FB Minh Doan.

Due to the serious situation of the global COVID-19 outbreak, citizens around the world are currently being either locked down or enforced with social distancing measures in order to contain the pandemic.

In Vietnam, it is not that different. Like others around the world, prominent local personalities like Sun HT, Jolie Nguyen, and Phuong Vu have been engaging their respective followers with the ongoing #PillowChallenge trend.

Photo: Instagram phuong.thephoenix.  

For the #PillowChallenge”, all you need is a pillow and a belt. With that, they simply become the only layer to cover your entire body. With simple stuffs like this, anyone can actually create their own fashion pillow dress in an innovative way, right?

Check out more cute “pillow dresses” below:

Instagram: jolienguyennofficial.


Instagram: jinaeft.
Instagram: mundodapaolahescher.

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