Ngoc Trinh Uploads A Photo On Her Instagram To Celebrate Chi Pu’s Achievement For “Cung Dan Vo Doi”

After Chi Pu’s newest music video “Cung Dan Vo Doi” successfully reached the top on Trending YouTube Vietnam, Ngoc Trinh is more than happy for her beloved friend.

Ngoc Trinh is one of the special guest stars who appeared in Chi Pu’s latest music video “Cung Dan Vo Doi”. The model reportedly participated in the music video as one of the leading actors in order to show her support for Chi Pu.

Photo: Instagram ngoctrinh89.

On Friday, Ngoc Trinh uploaded a cute photo of herself and Chi Pu to commemorate the singer’s latest achievement as “Cung Dan Vo Doi” has reached #1 Trending YouTube Vietnam after a day of release.

Even though Ngoc Trinh is older than Chi Pu by four years, she looks as youthful as the singer.

Watch Chi Pu and Ngoc Trinh in “Cung Dan Vo Doi” below:


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