Ngoc Trinh And Vu Khac Tiep Like Fashionistas Doing Catwalk On The Street In Paris

In the newest episode of Vu Khac Tiep’s travel vlog, he excited his followers with photos of him and Ngoc Trinh along Paris street.

Recently, Vietnam has its newest vlogger who always make public excited every time with his new episode, and it is none other than Vu khac Tiep.

In earlier episodes, Vu Khac Tiep brought the viewers to several beautiful places including Bali, Italy and Maldives. And this time, he brought everyone to visit one of the most romantic cities in the world – Paris.

In episode 10, Vu Khac Tiep and Ngoc Trinh surprised fans when they booked a luxurious hotel room at a hefty price tag of 110 millions VND (US$4,700) per night per room.

Vu Khac Tiep and Ngoc Trinh are said to really know how to enjoy their current single life. Specially, both were complimented by many for bearing the looks of modern fashionistas.

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