After Son Tung M-TP & Chi Pu, Ngoc Trinh Is The Next To Have 4 Million Instagram Followers

On Thursday, Ngoc Trinh officially has 4 million followers on her Instagram.

Following Son Tung M-TP (4.5 million) and Chi Pu (4.3 million), Ngoc trinh is the next Vietnamese artist who has 4 million followers on Instagram as of the time of writing.

The social media achievement was shared by Ngoc Trinh on her personal Facebook page.

Ngoc Trinh’s followers also felt happy for their lovely idol, as it also means that more and more people are paying attention to her and her regular updates on Instagram.

Ngoc Trinh is known as an alluring Vietnamese beauty, who always stays on top of the trend with modern fashion style.

Photo: Instagram ngoctrinh89.

Check out more photos from Ngoc Trinh’s Instagram below:


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