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Nas Daily Shares Video To Tell The World “How Happy Is Vietnam?!”

On November 8, Nas Daily excited Vietnamese people when the popular video blogger uploaded a video on Vietnam.

Born in 1992, Nuseir Yassin, a prominent Israeli travel blogger, is the creator behind worldwide famous Facebook page Nas Daily.

Nuseir Yassin’s Facebook page, at time of writing, has garnered nearly 7 million likes with approximately14 million followers around the world. On the other hand, his Facebook page, titled Nas Daily Tieng Viet (Nas Daily Vietnamese) which apparently caters and targets Vietnamese market, has also reached nearly 600,000 thousand likes.

Recently, on Nas Daily Tieng Viet, the blogger just released a video, titled “How Happy Is Vietnam?!.

In the video, Vietnamese followers can recognize celebrated Vietnamese streamer Caster Pew Pew. He collaborated with Nas Daily to introduce specific characteristics about Vietnam, such as happy people, tasty Pho, one of the world best coffee, natural landscape, and night life.

To find out how happy Vietnam is, watch below:

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