K-pop Stars BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Rosé Dance To V-pop Idols Justatee And Phuong Ly’s “Thang Dien”

Lately, BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Rosé excited Vietnamese people when they danced to the melody of “Thang Dien” by Justatee.

The sisterly friendship between K-pop girl group BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Rosé always make fans to admire. They usually hang out together, and spend time for each other.

In recent time, Vietnamese netizens were particularly surprised when they came across a video clip of Lisa and Rosé.

At the beginning of the clip is the melody of the song “Thang Dien” (translated “Crazy boy”) by local artists Justatee and Phuong Ly. The girls looked like they were having great amount of fun when attempting to follow and dance to the song melody.

Besides the song “Thang Dien” from Vietnam, they were also seen enjoying various music from the West namely “Señorita” (Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello), and “Break Up With Your girlfriend, I’m Bored” (Ariana Grande).

Local fans commented that the girls looked lovely dancing together in a fun way, with many sharing the video to show their support.

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