Jack’s Latest Track “Hoa Hai Duong” Top 1 Trending YouTube Vietnam And More!

Jack’s “Hoa Hai Duong” is leading YouTube Vietnam now.

After 16 hours of upload, Jack’s newest music video “Hoa Hai Duong” (“Thea Amplexicaulis”) has successfully attained the top position on Trending YouTube Vietnam.


At time of writing, the mentioned song also successfully gains solid foothold on YouTube charts in countries outside of Vietnam; #12 Trending worldwide, #18 in Canada, #24 in Germany, #24 in America , #25 in Australia , #26 in Korea , #27 in Taiwan, including the top positions on local music charts in Vietnam.

In another news, after “Hoa Hai Duong” was released, his YouTube channel J97 also just reached 4,000,000 subscribers, which is a commendable feat for Vietnamese artists.

Enjoy Jack’s “Hoa Hai Duong” below, if you have not:

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