Jack Breaks All Records, Fastest To Achieve YouTube Gold Creator Award In Vietnam

Such a record just goes to prove how much fans adore Jack.

Jack is an extremely talented Vietnamese singer, who has impressed and won the hearts of many Vietnamese fans.

After taking a longtime break due to the complications with his ex-agency, he officially returned to the entertainment world on February 17, together with his very own YouTube channel called J97.

On his new YouTube channel, Jack just posted only two videos, titled “Jack va Dom 2020” ( translated “jack and Firefly 2020″ whereby Firefly is the name of Jack’s fanclub”), and “Hau Truong Bo Anh Jack and Dom Dom 2020” (translated “Behind the scene of photo shoot Jack and Firefly 2020”).


Currently, after just a mere of days of creation, the YouTube channel of Jack, J97, had already achieved the YouTube Golden Play Button Award with over one million subscribers.

Nevertheless to say, Jack broke all records and becomes the fastest person to take home the YouTube Gold Creator Awards in Vietnam.

Check out these two videos via J97 below:

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