World’s Most Popular Hip-Hop Magazine Says Snoop Dogg Gains Reputation In Asia Thanks To Son Tung M-TP

AllHipHop just gave nice compliments to the song “Give It To Me” released by Son Tung M-TP, featuring Snoop Dogg.

Not so long ago, Son Tung also appeared on Billboard, the biggest music magazine in the world. And just recently, he was being featured on Allhiphop, the magazine website which is the world’s most popular Hip Hop website.

The article opened with: “Snoop landed in Vietnam and his combination with M-TP has really spread out. Even if you don’t understand Vietnamese, you can’t deny the charm of music from Son Tung M-TP’s the latest hit, Son Tung MTP joined with the world-leading rapper with the song “Give It To Me”. Therefore, the MV with many attractive images bring many international achievements. Currently, after only 2 weeks, the MV has already reached 100 millions views on YouTube.”

Besides, AllHipHop also particularly stated: “Give It To Me takes 15 days 18 hours 9 minutes to reach the milestone of 100 millions views, becomes the V-pop MV to achieve milestone of millions of views fastest ever. In addition, the above achievement also brought Son Tung into the top 100 MVs with the milestone of 100 million fastest views in the world, which is the same speed of “Old Town Road”, surpassing “Blank Space”, “I Like It”, “Shape of You” and others.

With the mention by AllHipHop, Son Tung M-TP’s global reputation just went one notch higher in the world.

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